Matted by Blackham Images
Brace yourselves – Matted are about to launch themselves into the rock scene, and you’d better be ready. This brand-new band is the sonic equivalent of lightning in a bottle — electric, unpredictable, and impossible to ignore.
With impressive credentials, lead guitarist Jake Slack and bassist Jacob Swann literally came of age on stage at the tender age of 11 and 12 in London’s West End production of School of Rock, The Musical. Their sophomore roles in the teenage band Chapter 13 scored them a golden buzzer on Britain’s Got Talent. Headline tours, and supporting slots at the O2 Arena followed. However, as the pandemic reshaped the group’s perspective, Chapter 13 came to an end. From the ashes of their debut band, the duo emerged with a new-found determination to carve their own artistic path.
Empowered by creative autonomy, Jake and Jacob embarked on a mission to redefine the boundaries of their craft, unshackling themselves to create music that resonates deep within their souls.
Their quest for a ‘rockstar’ led them to Max Walker, a captivating vocal prodigy whose eclectic influences ranging from Mike Patton to 90s grunge injected a fresh energy into the group’s dynamic. Joined by the inventive guitar stylings of Max’s confidant, Oscar Paulley, Matted found themselves enriched with yet another dimension of sonic exploration. They completed their line-up in early 2024 with the addition of the heavy-hitting drummer Tom Walker (no relation), whose early immersion in drumming education and passion for industrial sounds brings a distinctive rhythmic intensity to the band.
Matted is the sound of kids brought up on the classics, creating their own evolution for the 2020s. The raw energy of AC/DC, industrial tones of Nine Inch Nails, and the avant-garde of Mr Bungle, all twisted and turned into something totally unprecedented. This concoction of influences, rarely cited by ones so young, has resulted in a familiar yet unique sound: a blend of emotion, fury, experimentation and authenticity.
The band performed their first live shows in May 2024 and are currently crafting their debut recordings with Harry Judd and Danny Jones (McFly).
Matted are ready to take on the world, one riff at a time.

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